Tales of a Time Traveller

The moment when I just fades off..

Little Fairies takes me near to a gate.

They just left me there ,

Waving their little hands..

I’m just wondered,

Where I’m now..!?

I looks all around,

Everywhere filled with clouds and gates..

I heard a voice near the gate,

Someone is calling my name..

I took a step into,

Suddenly someone just grabs me in..

Now I’m around with unknown souls,

But they are dear to me..

Now I perceive..,

I have a family..

The memories behind the gate,

Are slowly getting faded..

She holds my hand,

We ran through the woods..

took me to the peak of the hills,

Poured all the colours that I had missed..

Suddenly a lightning arises!!

Someone just grabs me out..

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