Lonely Crowd

No one is busy in this very space.

Most of them force themselves to be in the very crowd,

Yet they are all alone in there.

They start to act insane to prove to others that they are not suffering. This process goes on until the crowd dies.

Later they hope that they had proved to others that they are not alone..,

not suffering from the past,

not worried about the future..,

Yet they are in the middle of a shattered present.

You don’t have to prove that the stars are there in the sky.

Show to them..,

Let them feel..!

Treat yourself as a wonderful..,

Do the same to another soul.

Without any boundaries..,

Touch another soul.

Then everything else becomes so magical.. 💞

4 thoughts on “Lonely Crowd”

  1. Never alone. Whether in a crowd or not. You, me, he, she, it, they…etcetera, etc ; we ARE NEVER ALONE! Busy or not; yet we are always doing something. Privacy, there is NONE! You, me, he, it, they are ALL of one consciousness. THERE is the Mind of God, the Mind of Christ Jesus. In such a mind as what all should be in; there is NO SUFFERING, PAIN, OR MISERY! When we “go with the flow” of Life, as what “He”, “She”, “It” in God brings to us; then is all as it should be. Past, Present, Future worry is gone once we live in God. We are a ‘shattered people’ when that Glass Ceiling begins to crack! No dream or fantasy can repair that illusion of existence once we have chosen to repent of all our Man-made sins. The True Gospel Message is now eternally going forth. We touch all with this message of LOVE, if we but accept the call to be the VOICE OF GOD to our age. Blessings abundant.


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