Bored life!?

Life getting bored can’t find any happiness.?
Tasted different kinds of food, traveled almost everywhere, gone through numerous relationships and breakups, tested different kinds of drugs, almost done various kinds of shits.
Still getting more confused and bored with life.
Okay. I just want you to delete you and your race for a minute from the very scene and just observe the mess that we have done to the whole nature around.
We have overruled the lands of many, we refuse them to survive, we hold their freedom, we made them as our slaves and even we are consuming a few of them shamelessly.
All I just wanna ask you is,
do you deserve happiness?
There is only one among two things that are gonna happen.
Change yourself or say goodbye to the whole planet.
The fact is that none of us haven’t yet tasted the real sweetness of love.
When you start to taste its sweetness eventually happiness starts to bloom as a consequence.
Love is the only solution, never hold, spread everywhere..
Everyone deserves to be loved.
All the love to wonderful souls around.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’•

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