The moment when you enter into this very matrix..
You are being programmed in this hallucinatory cycle from the beginning.
You keep running without knowing the purpose behind it, everyone does the same and it’s quite normal.
You have been forced to believe their system so that you won’t seek the truth.
If you’re against it!
You’ll be termed as lunatic.
If you all wanna know your true self… Be at still and observe,
The huge empire that they had built upon us will get collapse all of a sudden.
We are the real power!
We are the energy!
( we only have 12 years left to save this planet)

20 thoughts on “Rise!”

  1. We need to wake up β€” we are the saviors. it’s our job to get our act together and repair the world. That’s the message I received from your words and that’s what I believe.

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