Story of colours

Once a light gave birth to seven vibrant colors.
And they moved to different corners of the universe.
Decades later.
They become so proud of themselves for what they have.
Soon their world starts to shrink.
Then those colors happen to meet each other after a long.
Now their pride blinds them to the truth that they all have been raised from the very same womb.
Now, they start to kill each other, only for their pride to survive…

19 thoughts on “Story of colours”

  1. Beautiful! Yet, strangely enough, it ended on a sad note. Maybe not. Maybe like all things they will ALL end on a good note. Thank you Athul Raj for reading my post on, β€œFrom The Darkness Into The Light” (AKA: the β€˜godandi’ blog) site. My PERSONAL BLOG, β€œWalking on the Narrow Path. The Works of Timothy Baugh” can be previewed, and β€œliked” as well. I would not reach out to anyone were it not for the LOVE of GOD, as seen in His Son Jesus Christ. Blessings most abundantly to you now and always. Please continue with God. Keep in touch. Timothy


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