The Eternal Dance of the Divine

Some say that exists in certain kinds of shapes, colors, or as a particular being and others say it’s just formless.

Yet we all find that divine in everything that which exists and that doesn’t.

We could always feel its existence yet it always stays like an enigma.

Maybe it’s us whom we are seeking all the time,
Once he was alone and decides to explode so that he could experience various forms of dimensions all at the same time.
In other words,
It’s you,
Whom you fall in love with.
It’s you,
Whom you wage war against with.
It’s just you,
Who makes you feel like a mystery.
It’s always you and you in different suits and vibrant forms.

23 thoughts on “The Eternal Dance of the Divine”

  1. Nicely done! There is no need for our senses or conscious effort to correct any aspect of nature whatsoever. It is perfect every time to everyone, no matter where you take it in it’s all you.

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      1. Oh, God… πŸ˜β˜ΊπŸ™ that’s so sweet of you… All the love β˜ΊπŸ™ I’m not a professional writer… I just write something when I’m so obsessed to express… But surely I will try my best☺ thanks for everything, beautiful soul🌸😊


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