Hi, I’m Athul Raj

A tiny miniscule soul currently from the planet earth.

I just created this coz I believe that , this a good space where I can share my thoughts, views or whatever that I feels within..

And I’m not a good writer actually..

But I write coz.. sometimes that makes me insanely so happy.. And I feel like I’m sharing with a good friend.. or something..

If you had gone through all my thoughts please do contact me and share everything what you felt within..

I will be blessed if you share your thoughts with me.

I welcomes you all….

and thank you.. For visiting..!!

N stay connected!

I bow down to every wondrous souls,

I bow down to this endless nature,

I bow down to everything that exists and that doesn’t.

All the love.


For further

contact :

Mobile: +919961996918

Mail : athulraj141@gmail.com

Instagram : an_endless_cosmic_soul